Fuyuko Seiya -- the FAQ
So, here's all the questions that I didn't cover in my biography but should be addressed.

Have you come out of the closet? Why or why not?
Not completely. I'm out to many of friends, and to other TGs I know. This web page has been up for around 10 years, and the process has moved along. I don't know if I want to be out, like out-out, but I've desensitized those around me over time.

But does anyone know?
My mom knew, and I've come out to my dad. One of my brothers knows, along with his wife and a cousin, plus some friends from high school. My convention friends think it's weird when I show up in guys' clothes. At one of my jobs, my cosplay links made the rounds, so it seems like they know. And like I said, I come out to my girlfriends within three dates or one month, whichever comes first.

How often do you crossdress?
It's pretty sporadic. There will be stretches of weeks when I'll come home and just get dressed. Then there will be weeks when I'm so busy I get home and then I'm back busy again, with no time in between. But every now and then, I find a good time to get dressed.

Are you a crossdresser? Transvestite? Transsexual?
Crossdresser. The way I see it, a crossdresser just wears the clothes. I don't feel like I am a woman trapped in a man's body. My female persona may be part of me, but it's not my entirety. Fuyuko is only a part of me, and when I'm not dressed up, I'm perfectly happy being a man. I don't derive as much sexual pleasure from dressing up as I used to. (Well, except for fetish gear, etc.) So I'll use the clinical term to describe myself as a crossdresser.

Do you consider yourself dom or sub?
What is it with bondage, domination, and sadomasochism that associates it with crossdressing? I never quite figured it out. I do consider myself a little submissive, but I've known to switch in the right situation. Oddly enough, I can only find my dominant stride when I'm en femme.

Your name is Japanese. Are you?
Okay, you can chalk that up to being a hopeless Japanophile, stemming from my love of anime (Japanese animation.) However, I am Philipina, even the two nationalities don't look much like each other.

Where did you get your name from then?
For starters, in Japanese nomenclature, the family name is given first. This comes from the fact that in many Asian cultures, the family comes first.
My chosen given name, Fuyuko, translates as "winter child." "-ko," or "child," is a common ending for girls' names in Japan. "Fuyu" means winter, and comes from my love of cold weather. In this weather, wearing full-covering clothing is done all the time, so I can get away with shaving my legs this time of year.
My faux family name, Seiya, translates as "quiet night." This commemorates those nights I spent in stealth, indulging in my transvestism when the rest of my family slept. Even though my senior year in college was when I began crossdressing in earnest. And now that I'm living by myself, I can hide away in my apartment on a night when nothing interesting is happening, and immerse myself in my femmeself.

What kinds of clothing do you prefer as a woman?
I love feminine clothing. I love silky fabrics and the way they feel so smooth and cool against my skin. I also love leather. I wish it wasn't so damn expensive though. But its dual nature, of style and fetish is very attractive to me.
I also love businesswear. There's something I find attractive about a professional lady in a sharp blazer and skirt.
In contrast, I also love petticoats. I don't know why, but feeling the large amounts of large skirt material about my legs feels absolutely terrific. There's something romantic about the Victorian times of flowing petticoats and binding corsets that turns me on.
I love costumes too. I have a kimono and a southern belle dress, as well as a cheongsam too. That, and my anime fan friends have got me cosplaying, so now I'm making costumes of the characters I love.

I've looked at your galleries, and you too go in for the stiletto heels and opera gloves look that so many other transvestites go for. Why?
For starters, opera gloves cover up arm hair. For me, it's fairly sparse, but it's definitely there. Of course, it can be considered a quickly removed alternative to nail polish. And the touch of the smooth stretch satin is just wonderful.
The stiletto heels... well, if you read my bio, you'd know I have a fixation for high heeled shoes. I know how, but I'm still not sure why.....

What would your ideal girlfriend be like, and what is your ultimate fantasy?
She'd be smart, funny, and open-minded. Especially about Fuyuko. I'd want her to understand and know Fuyuko.

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